Friday, May 11, 2012

Sacharov, Vladimir

Vladimir Giorgievich Sacharov(1901-1956), Russian composer, studied at the Rostov-Na-Donu Conservatory, then served as the head of Russian folk choir Pyantizky, the secretary of the administrative Board of the Central committee in UDSSR. He composed songs and choir music. He was decorated: Peoples' Artist of the Soviet Union(1946).

Sachs, Hans

Hans Sachs(1494-1576), German Meistersinger ("mastersinger")and poet. After schooling he apprenticed as a shoemaker and joined the meistersinger guild. He devised 13 tone or weisen, his 6,000 poetic works include 4,300 Meisterlieder as well as didactic poems and plays. "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg", an opera by Wagner in which he is portrayed as a wise scholar.

Sadiqova, Sara

Sara Sadiqova(1906-1986), Tatar actress, singer(soprano), and composer, she studied at the Moscow Cionservatory. She was honored Artist of Tatar ASSR(1937), Peoples' Artist of Tatar ASSR. In 1938-1948 she was a soloist of Musa Calil Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre. She performed parts in operas and musical comedies, and worked in the troupe of the Tatar Academic Theater. She composed songs and musical comedies.

Sadovska-Barilotti, Maria

Maria Sadovska-Barilotti(1855-1891), Ukrainian actress and singer of operetta, she performed in amateur productions of Russian plays and Ukrainian operettas, she also performed with other Russian operetta troupes.

Saeverud, Harald

Harald Saeverud(1897-1992), Norwegian composer, studied at the Bergen Conservatory and Berlin Musikhochschule. His music exhibits polyphonic texture, incorporation of elements of Norwegian folk music. He composed 9 symphonies, piano concertos and chamber music.

Sagyrbaev, Kurmangazy

Kurmangazy Sagyrbaev(1823-1896), Kazakh composer, instrumentalist, and folk artist.

Saidashev, Salih

Salih Saidashev(1900-1954), Tatar composer and conductor. People's Artist of Tatar ASSR(1951), honored Worker of Culture(1939). he was one of the founders of Tatar Professional Music. He gave a stimulus to the development of different genres in Tatar music. He composed operas, ballet music, and orchestral music. The main part of his creative work was music for musical dramatic plays.